The Ultimate Guide to Passing the Hair Drug Test

The Ultimate Guide to Passing the Hair Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test is slowly gaining popularity among those interested in getting correct results. However, I have to admit that it is a terrifying experience that can leave you hopeless in the end, especially if you are planning to cheat. If you are worried about how to pass this test, worry no more.

This read will provide you with the ultimate guide to passing the hair drug test perfectly.


It takes around seven days for drugs to enter into your hair. This means that one has five to six days to make everything right by shaving off. It is advisable you shave off the entire body if you want to achieve success.

Use Aloe Rid Shampoo

Most hair shampoos are not quite efficient at detoxing the skin because they cannot get inside the hair follicles. Aloeserums Rid Shampoo is one of the leading hair detox shampoos and can help detox the skin within a short time. Though it’s slightly expensive, it can mean the difference between getting that dream job and losing it because you smoked a blunt few days to the test.

Smoke in Loopholes is exclusively for light smokers. The hair follicle drug test is designed to pick up significantly repeated use of medications, especially in those who smoke. If you smoke lightly at intervals of 15-30 days, it is likely that you took such a small dosage which might not come back positive in the test results. If you smoke seven or six days in a row, you are screwed.

Important Facts About the Hair Test

Hair drug test is commonly used to determine the use of illegal drugs for various reasons such as pre-employment or sports. It is more common than other tests because hair follicles tend to retain more drugs than urine and blood. The hair test provides more accurate results and is difficult to cheat when compared to other tests. The test is also comfortable and convenient since it requires minimal invasion of a person’s privacy.

Drugs Tested

serums 2Drugs commonly tested include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and morphine. However, other prescription drugs can also be traced in the hair follicles. Before the test, you may have to devise some time limits for drugs to get inside the hair follicles. In any case, you are worried about an incoming test, you can test yourself at home to calm you down.

In short, don’t fall prey to certain individuals who claim to help pass the test using other dubious ways. The techniques discussed above are the best recipe for an ultimate guide to passing the hair drug test.


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