The ideal proper nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders

The ideal proper nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders

As a bodybuilder or an athlete, you need sports nutrition to optimize the effects of your physical activities. Making the right choices of foods to take will go a long way in improving performance and even recovery from injuries. Nutrition professionals recommend carbohydrates, fluids, calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for an active lifestyle.


Proper diet

healthy foodTypically, the recommended diet for athletes and bodybuilders is similar to that of a healthy person though it differs in quantity. The necessary amount for bodybuilding depends on the kind of sport, the extent of training, and the amount of time spent on training.

The following are the key foods for proper nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders.

Important foods

1. Carbohydrates

These are the major sources of energy for any physical training. They are mostly stored in the liver and muscles. The perfect sources of energy are the complex carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and pasta. This type of carbohydrates also contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They should be taken before exercise.

2. Protein

This is the major bodybuilding element that promotes muscle growth as well as repairing worn out body tissues. When the body has used up all carbohydrates, proteins provide an alternative source of energy. Lean meats like fish, turkey, chicken, beans, and eggs are healthy proteins that should not miss in a bodybuilder’s diet.

You can also take in whey protein supplements for best results.


3. Fluids

The number one fluid for training is water. It hydrates the body and maintains its right temperature. During a vigorous training, the body loses excess water and, therefore, those training should take water in plenty before, during, and after the training. Other fluids that are essential for intense physical activities are energy drinks, protein shakes, and hydration solution. These provide them with the energy to train for longer hours.

4. Fiber

To stay fit, fiber foods are relevant. High fiber foods that will help you maintain fitness include whole grains, oatmeal, broccoli, peas, and apples.

For proper nutrition, there are certain kinds of food to avoid. These are fried foods and simple carbohydrates such as cookies. Products containing sodium nitrate such as bacon and sausages are also not ideal for bodybuilding.

Proper nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders with a professional

running menA sports nutritionist will help you create a nutrition plan to meet your training needs. The plan is necessary for increasing energy levels, managing weight, improving concentration, and body growth. The nutritionist will not only examine the kind of food you eat, but also your entire lifestyle as an athlete. Additionally, the professional will analyze and assist you achieve your short-term and long-term training goals.

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