Sleep: The Elusive Holy Grail of the Modern World

Sleep: The Elusive Holy Grail of the Modern World

It’s not every day that you sleep ridiculously well because it’s not an easy thing to do in the modern world. Sleeping pills make a mark on the list of the most prescribed medications in many countries as natural ways to have a good night sleep transform into techniques that people are willing to pay for the same way they pay for education or health care services. Below are some things that you can do to make sleep a companion and not a commodity that you’ve got chase after with all the resources at your disposal.

Physical activity

woman working outIt’s healthy to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to physical activity. Studies show that your sleep pattern is affected by your daytime habits. People who handle tasks that don’t burn calories and dispense huge amounts of energy are less likely to sleep ridiculously well. Workout keeps you healthy. It balances your hormonal system and tissue functions besides keeping your body temperature in line with the optimum biological conditions that your body needs, to naturally demand rest.

Healthy diet

Just like you’re what you eat so do you sleep what you eat because your food can make or break your sleep habits. Avoid light foods and copious intake of fluids when going to bed. This blocks the urge to wake up for a midnight snack or numerous trips to the bathroom for short calls. A good night sleep is one that befalls you the minute you jump into the bed and lifts off when your body has completely rejuvenated. You subsequently wake up on time using your biological clock and not a series of alarms.

Sleep patterns

Like all good things, a good night sleep is earned. Get into the habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time to create a ritual like effect for your body. It takes time and dedication to achieve a vibrant sleep pattern, meaning that you’ve got to learn how to let go of late night TV watching or burning the midnight oil in the name of building your career. As a matter of fact, insufficient sleep impairs your ability to make the right decisions and these results into low productivity.

The sleeping quarters

woman on bedA person who is set to live for 75 years spends 25 years of his or her life sleeping. You subsequently spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else. Sleeping ridiculously well hinge on how you prepare your bed. Pay attention to the comfort factor. It makes no sense to drive a car with elegant interior yet you sleep on an ordinary mattress. Get a bed and pillows that cradle your neck muscles and soothe you to surrender all to sleep. Enjoy the warmth of clean bedding meticulously spread on a quality form mattress and ensure that your bedroom is dust free.

Transform your bedroom into a sleep haven whether day or night by having the right set of curtains. Thick curtains block daylight and street or security lights during the night. Turn off any electronic devices in your bedroom as the light and sound that they make divide your attention even while asleep.

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