All You Need To Know When Selecting Boxing Gloves

All You Need To Know When Selecting Boxing Gloves

Are you a boxing enthusiast or professional boxer looking for the best boxing glove? If yes, read on. Like all other sporting gear, the selection of boxing gloves can be quite challenging due to the numerous varieties available in the market. However, by going through boxing gloves reviews, you will identify the things to look for boxing glove reviews you can be able to get the best gloves. That said, the following overview on some of the most important factors to consider when selecting boxing gloves will help shed more light on this

Gel or foam padding?pink glove

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to things to look for boxing glove reviews. Conventional boxing gloves were made out of foam padding, and while being a cost-effective option, the foam padding gets deformed over time since it has a little impact resistance. On the other hand, gel padding is another viable option and has the advantage of being quite comfortable while also having better impact resistance. Though quite expensive, most professionals prefer gloves with gel padding as they don’t lose their shape even after repeated impact


The weight of the glove also comes into play when selecting the best boxing gloves. As a norm, gloves are available in different weight categories with some being remarkably light while others being quite heavy. For most competitions, the weight category for boxing gloves is usually defined but now the question comes in, should you go for a dense or light glove?

boxing matchMost boxers prefer light boxing gloves as they allow for easy movement and are also very versatile when making a fist and holding up your hands when protecting yourself during a match. Heavier gloves can enable one deliver high impact punches but usually drains an individual’s energy reserve. However, bulky gloves are quite popular for training as they help stretch a person to the limit while at the same time building one’s resilience


Glove size also features prominently on the list of things to look for boxing glove reviews. Glove sizes are categorized as either small, medium or large with the most common sizes being used in competitive boxing being between 8 and 10 oz. However, the available sizes vary up to 20 oz. The larger weight class using the 20 Oz glove sizes


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