Military Rucksacks – 3 Important Features To Consider Before Buying

Military Rucksacks – 3 Important Features To Consider Before Buying

Whether you’re an adventurer, ex-military day-tripper or perhaps somewhere in between, if you are reading this, you know the importance of a good military rucksack. You need durability and quality, so budget also plays a crucial role.
It is important to buy the best you can afford; you don’t want something that wears out in a short period. It highlights some¬†important features to consider before making your decision.



Military backpacks are designed for heavy usage, so many of them tend to be uncomfortable. Sure, you can go out picnicthere and buy a civilian hiking backpack, but then again, how long would they last? Exactly.
What you need is a comfortable military backpack when you’re on a long trip. The easiest way to find one is by looking through the online reviews; the users don’t lie. Also, make sure to search for backpacks with straps to make carrying easier.
The only downside about a comfortable backpack is cost. However, it is still worth it and easily makes up for the expense.


The main idea of why people buy tactical backpacks is because they are tough and have enough capacity to carry all the equipment they need.
Just like in the army, you require all the equipment such as hydration kits, medical aid, emergency radio, survival tools and food supply. And that’s why tactical backpacks are very popularly known as military backpacks in case you’re wondering.
If you are going on a camping or hiking trip, you are going to find this bag very sturdy and useful. No one wants to own a backpack that breaks in a whisker.


Material affects durability. There are different materials, and each has its peak. Choose wisely.
Neon. Neon is durable and strong. Also dries up quickly.
Rip-stop Neon. It is much stronger than neon and is one of the most popular choices.
Polyester. Polyester isn’t as strong as neon, but if you are camping in an area with a lot of sunlight, then polyester can help greatly; thanks to its

UV resistance

bonfireCanvas. Canvas is the strongest among all, but quite heavy. If you have back issues, then it is not advisable.
A good tactical bag has all of the above features. They are called tactical for a reason, and that’s to be able to withstand any situation.
However, if you are still not sure what exactly you are looking for, then we’d suggest you 5.11 Tactical Rush 24. Both from the price and quality perspective, it is hands down one of the best military rucksacks in 2016.

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